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Data Entry Project

The museum has been built up over 50 years. It contains some 8000 exhibits, one of the finest British collections of railway memorabilia.

Museum garden

Nowhere else can you find such a comprehensive assembly of objects that illuminates both the history of the working lives of railway staff and the historical experiences of rail passengers.

The Museum has now closed. The Museum Trust has formed a partnership with the Vale of Berkeley Railway by which the collection will move to Sharpness to form a key part of the visitor facilities for the new heritage railway.

The first part of the removal task is to create a database of the catalogue so that it can be updated with vital information about where everything is and what work needs to be done on it.

Part of the fire-fighting collection

Part of the firefighting collection

Help us undertake this substantial task.

Join the Data Entry Project and work with our combined team of volunteers from the Vale of Berkeley Railway and Winchcombe Railway Museum to transcribe the catalogue.

You need to have a laptop or desktop computer and an internet connection but no more than a moderate typing speed. You will work at home at your own speed with catalogue sheets like the one at left.

You will have the satisfaction of doing a valuable job that is essential to the creation of the Sharpness visitor experience.

Contact the project organiser, Michael Quinion. His article in the Railway’s magazine gives more background to the project.

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